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As the leading auction house, Diwidar.A offers full service to guarantee a flawless selling experience.

How it works

Profit from the expertise of our in-house specialists and our international expert network, we offer a free online valuation, a convenient consignment process and the successful auction of your object.

We will provide you with a market-driven, free online estimate of works of art, antiques and collectibles within a few days.

Free evaluation

In order to begin your online valuation request, please provide us with details and images of your item.

Virtual Consignment

Our specialists will value your item once the information is submitted. You will receive an estimation within a few days.


Following a successful valuation, you can decide if you would like to consign with Diwidar.A, We will then sell your item at our auctions. a member of our team will guide you through the process.

Receive Proceeds

After sell a credit note will issued immediately and funds will be transferred to the owner, also we are able to pay you up to 20 percent of the estimated price.

Item Information

Please fill in information about the product you want to evaluation.

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